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"From using your course for our board training, we learned to understand our differences and to use each other's strengths. One of our members called it the best board training in 20 years."

—Teresa Oltersdorf,
Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance

"Jeff is masterful at designing appropriate workshops for groups with different needs, including our alumni, volunteers, and staff. We constantly received profuse praise about his valuable services and professional delivery. He really knows his subject and is an effective communicator — a great combination."

—Susan Kessler,
The University of Texas Ex-Students' Association

"Jeff Johannigman's ability to interpret the Myers-Briggs is nothing short of life changing. You will walk away from this experience empowered to create a better world, both for yourself and for the many people with whom you live and work."

— Susan Wills,
Austin Area Interreligious Ministries

“Jeff is one of the most talented career counselors that I have ever worked with. His ability to get a person to think out of the box about their career path options is remarkable. He instills the confidence needed to try new things and be successful. There is no pretense about Jeff, he is direct, honest, and a great motivator.”

— Jenevieve Eyre,
coaching client

“Besides being a seriously nice guy with a wicked sense of humor, Jeff brings to his work a remarkable combination of creative thinking and mastery of practical details. His diverse professional background gives him expert insights into many types of work and many facets of organizations, and he puts this knowledge to work every day.”

— Tim Walker,
The University of Texas Ex-Students’ Association

“Aside from being his usual enthusiastic and entertaining self, Jeff effectively engaged the participants, motivating them to rediscover their passions and align them into unique, personalized Ideal Job descriptions. Jeff has the talent to combine quality information and insights with effective delivery.”

— Melissa Victor Totah,
Workforce Solutions of Williamson County

“Jeff's innovative techniques surfaced professional qualities that I hadn't really recognized, or lacked confidence in. Then he gave me the tools and guidance to develop them so I could build my confidence and take that leap.”

—Judy Mittag, coaching client

“As a trainer, Jeff is wonderful! He is knowledgeable, entertaining, and thought provoking. In making my own presentations, I continue to refer to Jeff, because his message was so insightful and so skillfully delivered. In addition, his expertise is broad, ranging from counseling to technology.”

-- Kathy Lansford-Powell,
Launchpad Job Club

People Type is an Austin-based training, consulting, and career development firm, specializing in applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). We help individuals who want to find more fulfilling careers and organizations that want to improve their teamwork and leadership.

Achieving career fulfillment begins with understanding your own assets – your strengths, skills, passions, values, and ideal work environment. Discovering your unique personality type is the most effective way to identify those assets and begin your guided career exploration.

Organizations are composed of unique individuals with unique personality types. Personality type determines the ways that team members communicate, handle conflict, deal with stress, manage change, and work most productively. Employees who can interact productively with different personalities, valuing each other’s differences, are essential for effective teamwork. Discovering your own motivations and learning how to motivate other personality types are essential for effective leadership.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is the best-known, most thoroughly researched, and most trusted personality assessment tool available today. As many as 1.5 million assessments are administered annually to individuals, including to employees of most Fortune 500 companies.

Based on Carl Jung’s Theory of Personality Type, the MBTI identifies the fundamental ways that you recharge your mental energy, gather information, make decisions, and orient to the outer world. These preferences are innate and hard-wired, in much the same way that you are born with a preference for either right or left-handedness. When combined, your preferences form one of sixteen unique personality types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. No type is inherently better or worse than any others.

By understanding your type, and the type preferences of those around you, you gain powerful insights into maximizing your own effectiveness and your ability to work with others. The proven benefits of personality type include:

  • More fulfilling career direction
  • Improved teamwork
  • Clearer communications
  • Enhanced leadership
  • Greater utilization of personal strengths
  • Reduced conflicts
  • Increased morale